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Affiliate Program


Program Overview

Join us by becoming our promotion partner and start profiting from every single customer that you refer to our platform! No special skills are required. You just have to be familiar with our program and try to spread the word about us. You can use banners for Internet marketing, call on your business contacts or advertise in the media!

Our innovative marketing platform can be a stable source of income without you having to worry about anything! We do EVERYTHING Host the product, handle downloads and answer customer queries. Once you refer a client, you can relax and receive 30% of any sales resulting from each referral and a second tier 5% commission on any sales resulting from another affiliate that you refer.

Be absolutely certain that we care about the quality of our products. You can also be confident that you are referring clients to a company that is a pioneer in this industry! We provide the best customer service and have a truly commercial-grade platform! This way customers always get the best of SMS Marketing. Our conversion is around 1:50 (depending on the actual promotion or the season), which means that one out of every 50 visitors orders the service.

Commission Structure

Commission: You will be paid a recurring commission of 30% for each Mobile SMS Marketing sale you refer to us. You will receive this commission for as long as that referral remains a customer! On top of that, you will receive an additional 10% commission for each text message purchase your referrals make.

Second tier commission 5%.

The second tier commission kicks in as soon as you refer other affiliates that join our affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates and you will earn a 5% commission on their sales.


Start Promoting us

After you sign up you will be given access to an affiliate panel, from which you can start managing your promotions and campaigns. You'll have our full support and our promotional materials are world class! To get your campaign into full swing, you could consider our tips for publicizing the SMS marketing platform in the most effective way possible.


1. Write a review of our service, acquainting people with its high quality and innovative nature. The review should be followed by your affiliate link, so that those who express interest in our platform can go straight to our store and make a purchase. This will generate income for you. It will would be great to post your review on free sites such as &

2. Set up a free web blog at well-known sites such as, and post your review of our SMS Marketing program, without forgetting to include your affiliate link at the end. Then simply "ping" your blog at a site such as, so that it gets quickly picked up by the search engines.

3. Become a member of widely known marketing forums such as, and take active part there by posting comments in popular threads. It is important that you make your forum profile representative of your affiliate connection with us. Simply include your affiliate link in the signature or place there a link to the web site that displays your review of our product. This way, the more posts you make, the more recognizable your link will be by the other forum members and visitors, which increases the chances for success.

4. Post a press release at, in which you can include your review of our system, followed by your affiliate link. Do this at least once a month for better results. If you pay them $80, you will be guaranteed that your article will get picked up by all the major search engines. That in turn suggests a potential for bringing thousands of visitors to our site through your link. Imagine just a small part of them purchasing our product. That makes good financial sense for you as a referrer, doesn’t it!

5. Use a newsletter to notify your subscribers about our service and include the affiliate link at the end of the email. You can freely use passages from our website to back up your email message.

*NOTE - Please keep in mind that we do not tolerate spamming in any way, so the e-   mail must be sent to your newsletter subscribers only.

6. Use your Pay-Per-Click account with Google Adwords, Overture, or many others. You can either send people directly to our store using the affiliate link in your PPC ads, or you can create your own website with a review of our service, followed by your affiliate link.